The Benefits of Micro-Needling With Advanced Tools

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Removing fine lines and wrinkles from your skin is a dream come true. The hands of time continue to tick so solutions from the cosmetic dermatology world are welcomed with open arms. Non-invasive treatments are favorites of most patients, which include needling procedures. Discover how micro-needling benefits your skin with advanced tools used by the best doctors in the business.

Services Offered by Your Cosmetic Dermatologist

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Services Offered by Your Cosmetic Dermatologist Visiting a skin doctor today is much different than it was in the past. Dermatologists don’t just treat acne, cancer and other skin ailments. These professionals also gain experience and loyal patients by offering cosmetic procedures. Get to know the services rendered by your local, cosmetic dermatologist. Looking and feeling young again is part …

The Results of Micro-Needling on Ice Pick Acne Scars

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The Results of Micro-Needling on Ice Pick Acne Scars Acne or pimples are skin ailments that impact more than 90 percent of the population. Puberty heralds in the acne years, which can extend into adulthood. If you’re dealing with acne on a daily basis, it’s possible to develop ice pick scars from the healing pimples. Any scarring across the face …

Understanding all the Stages of Micro Needling

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Understanding all the Stages of Micro Needling Watching the skin age over time can be frustrating for some people, especially across the facial features. A cosmetic dermatologist in San Antonio might suggest a skin rejuvenation procedure including skin resurfacing treatments, or skin rejuvenation products that will temporarily improve the appearance of the dermis. Take a deeper look at micro needling …

Facial Scarring? Micro-Needling Can Help.

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Facial Scarring? Micro-Needling Can Help. Scarring is a part of the natural healing process associated with an injury or abrasion. One of the key elements at work in scar formation is collagen, which is commonly referred to as “scar tissue”. Collagen helps wounds close by replacing damaged skin cells with a stronger, less elastic tissue. Unfortunately, it can take weeks, …

Dermatologist, Better Skin for a Better You

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Dermatologist, Better Skin for a Better You As the largest organ in the human body, the skin shows obvious signs of aging throughout a person’s lifetime. Wrinkles, acne, moles and other visible marks may be frustrating for people who want to have healthy skin. Although many skin marks are part of a person’s genetic makeup, there are treatments that can …

4 Dermatology Procedures that are Game Changers for Skin.

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Because it’s the largest organ, the skin can have many imperfections as a person ages. From darkened areas to even cancer, the skin must be examined by dermatology experts at least once a year. Aside from basic body care, skin experts also have solutions for those cosmetic concerns. Consider these procedures that are definite game changers for anyone’s skin, from …

Micro Needling Gives New Meaning to Beauty = Pain.

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When people look at their skin after a teenage bout with acne or other ailment, scars can dominate the surface. Dermatologists used to help these patients with proper skin care, but not much could be done with the scars themselves. However, cosmetic dermatology has grown to include micro needling. This scar-reduction strategy gives a whole new meaning to beauty as …