How Exactly Do Collagen Injections Work?

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Collagen is your skin’s support structure. It makes up over 80 percent of your skin and builds a framework of fibers to keep your skin moisturized and elastic. Skin is the largest organ in your body and maintaining healthy skin can be very important to your overall health as well as vital in your cosmetic appearance. That’s why more and …

Noninvasive Dermatology Solutions: Discovering Smooth Skin

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Visiting a San Antonio dermatologist used to involve just acne and skin-cancer ailments. The industry was relatively limited in its infancy. Today’s doctors have dozens of different treatments for your skin. Fine lines, scars and dark spots are no match for the dermatologist’s skill sets. Learn more about current dermatology solutions that are entirely noninvasive. Your face, neck, and chest …

Ochs Dermatology Offers Products Through New Online Store

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Cosmetic Dermatology with the Click of a Button Ochs Dermatology, which has been providing dermatology care for patients in San Antonio and the surrounding areas since 1996, has now included a new feature to its website — an online store at Clients can now browse through the various cosmetic dermatology products and services listed online, check and compare prices for different …

4 Dermatology Procedures that are Game Changers for Skin.

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Because it’s the largest organ, the skin can have many imperfections as a person ages. From darkened areas to even cancer, the skin must be examined by dermatology experts at least once a year. Aside from basic body care, skin experts also have solutions for those cosmetic concerns. Consider these procedures that are definite game changers for anyone’s skin, from …

Why Filler Treatments are the New Black.

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Several decades ago, aging across the face was only treated with invasive surgeries, including facelifts. More people today are looking to innovative dermatology treatments in big cities, including San Antonio. Instead of a complete surgical procedure, patients trust filler treatments to wipe the years off faces. These simple treatments are slowly becoming the new black for many patients. Makeup No …

The Top 4 Reasons to Opt for the Coolsculpting Procedure.

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Between healthy diets and exercise, people try their hardest to stay in shape with work and family responsibilities filling most of their day. Even with the most diligent health routine, some fatty areas just won’t go away. The only real solution to these problem areas in the past was liposuction, but its invasive nature deterred people in droves. What dermatology …

What are the Pros and Cons of the Coolsculpting Procedure?

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When patients wanted to lose weight, their only real choices were diet, exercise and invasive surgery. Modern medicine has improved greatly to help people who want to redesign their bodies with a sleeker look. Coolsculpting uses cold temperatures to remove fat. Performed at most San Antonio dermatology offices, this process has a simple concept for non-invasive weight control. There are …

Dermatology: Beauty Treatments or Maintaining Healthy Skin?

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Traditional dermatology used to entail simple skin care, but today’s medical needs span into both cosmetic and medical worlds. From coolsculpting to treating cystic acne, a dermatologist has a host of duties to offer every patient. Regardless of the city, including San Antonio, dermatologists are available to keep the largest organ fit and healthy.