Photopneumatic Therapy (PPx)

Until recently, hair removal was a painful and time-consuming procedure. Photopneumatic Therapy (PPx) has changed all this. PPx Hair Removal is the most advanced therapy for safe and pain free permanent hair reductions on all skin and hair types.

The treatment tip is placed over the area to be treated and is gently drawn into the treatment tip, bringing the unwanted hair closer to the skin’s surface. Light energy is gently applied to the treatment area. Unwanted hair is quickly and painlessly destroyed, leaving the skin looking clean and smooth.Treatments are faster and do not require pre-treatment with anesthetics or numbing creams.  You can resume normal activities immediately post treatment.

Typically a series of treatments is needed to get maximum results.  However, the exact number of treatments varies from person to person and often varies between body parts being treated.

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Elōs (electo-optical synery) uses a unique combination of radio frequency and light. Using two energies instead of one means more effective results for you with lower overall energy output. Lower energy output means the highest level of safety and comfort for you. Gentle pulses of targeted energy isolate the treatment area and leave the surrounding skin free from potentially harmful side effects. elos is an effective treatment for removing hair of all color on all skin types.

Due to the small size of the treatment heads, we treat only certain areas at our office.

  • Upper Lip
  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Jawline
  • Underarms
  • Bikini Lines

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