Dermatology: Beauty Treatments or Maintaining Healthy Skin?

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Traditional dermatology used to entail simple skin care, but today’s medical needs span into both cosmetic and medical worlds. From coolsculpting to treating cystic acne, a dermatologist has a host of duties to offer every patient. Regardless of the city, including San Antonio, dermatologists are available to keep the largest organ fit and healthy. 

Looking to Smooth Wrinkles? Consider Filler Treatments.

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Patients looking to stop the aging process temporarily used to rely on facial lifts and other invasive surgeries. Today’s medical innovations make wrinkle-control an outpatient process. Whether patients reside in Los Angeles or San Antonio, there is a dermatologist nearby offering filler treatments. Using strategic injections across the face, patients look years younger in a few hours. 

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CoolSculpting: Too Good to be True or Revolutionary Method?

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When patients in San Antonio meet with a dermatologist, they are looking for cutting-edge procedures to make their health and beauty stand out from the crowd. Dermatology isn’t always about skin blemishes. Many patients look for fat reduction processes as well. CoolSculpting, an advanced procedure for fat removal, allows the body to naturally expel fat through its waste systems. Although …