Noninvasive Dermatology Solutions: Discovering Smooth Skin

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Visiting a San Antonio dermatologist used to involve just acne and skin-cancer ailments. The industry was relatively limited in its infancy. Today’s doctors have dozens of different treatments for your skin. Fine lines, scars and dark spots are no match for the dermatologist’s skill sets. Learn more about current dermatology solutions that are entirely noninvasive. Your face, neck, and chest …

The Myths and Truths Behind Microdermabrasion AKA Synergie Peel

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Microdermabrasion or a Synergie Peel is a painless cosmetic dermatology procedure that rejuvenates your skin and keeps it clean and healthy.People are distinctly aware of their skin’s appearance. Aging lines, wrinkles and scars are particularly obvious on your face. Both women and men pay good money to fight off the signs of aging, including visits to the dermatologist. Several treatments …

Fat Reduction: Fat Freezing Procedure vs. Going Under the Knife

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There are several pathways to a leaner body with today’s surgical techniques. In fact, some fat-removal processes are incredibly noninvasive. Before you decide on any dramatic change, consider your options between the various techniques. Choosing between a fat freezing procedure and going under the knife are two extremely different experiences that deserve a second look.

Collagen Induction Therapy: How Needles Enhance Your Skin

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Your skin is often the first organ to really show the signs of aging. Fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots make their appearance on your face, limbs, and torso. Ridding yourself of these features is much harder than acquiring them. A clever and nearly noninvasive way to enhance your skin’s appearance is through microneedling. This procedure is also referred to …

The Benefits of Micro-Needling With Advanced Tools

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Removing fine lines and wrinkles from your skin is a dream come true. The hands of time continue to tick so solutions from the cosmetic dermatology world are welcomed with open arms. Non-invasive treatments are favorites of most patients, which include needling procedures. Discover how micro-needling benefits your skin with advanced tools used by the best doctors in the business.

Are There Limitations to Microneedling Based on Skin Type?

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Cosmetic procedures have quickly become the answer to women’s and men’s goals of looker younger.  A Cosmetic Dermatologist today provides many procedures that are non- invasive, have little to no recovery time and don’t cost you a fortune. One of the most popular is microneedling. If you aren’t familiar with this procedure, it is a process that removes fine lines, …

Which Method of Skin Rejuvenation Is Most Effective?

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Anyone who is considering skin rejuvenation wants to know the best and most effective method possible. But the reality is there are many variables to consider, including skin type, the type of treatments needed, your age, health and much more. On the other hand, there is an effective type of skin rejuvenation process available for everyone. Before you spend a …